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Expressive Arts in the Parks


$125 per person for groups up to 10. Contact us for larger groups.


3 Hours

Experience NYC parks in a whole new way through creative expression and mindfulness. You can even request your preferred park! There is so much natural beauty in our city, and when you combine art and nature, the experience is dynamic and nurturing.

Each Arts in the Park session is designed specifically for your group, and can be tailored to meet your specific interests. We always begin by settling into our surroundings and finding stillness in our bodies and minds. Then we engage in several activities, which might be nature-based, or art/creativity based. There is always a reflection piece, which might include journal writing or sharing your experience with the group.

Participants can expect to leave with:

-Greater sense of ease

-Decreased stress

-Deeper connection to themselves

-Greater connection with the group

-Appreciation and connection with NYC parks

The cost of this workshop is $125 per person for groups up to 10. For larger groups please contact us for pricing.

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