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Expressive Arts NYC

Art is for everyone. Including you.

Expressive Arts NYC uses integrated, intermodal art-making (writing, visual art, drama, music, and movement) with individuals and groups to stimulate imagination, discovery, and growth, support community and organizational development, and remind us all that we are innately creative beings.

Karen Sullivan, MA, MFA

Founder and Director

I was born and raised in this fair city, spending most childhood weekends in Central Park, scraping knees and playing ball. Now Brooklyn is my home, along with my kiddo, our three cats, and of course, our VP of Cheerleading (see below). 


Art, imagination, and creativity have always been at the center of, well, everything for me. I credit creative expression for the reason I continue to grow into myself (and all of my schooling for helping me grow out of myself). It's a fun ride, this life thing. 

I knew this work was for me in 1997, when after a period of experimenting with creative expression, my dreams changed. One dream in particular shifted - a recurring nightmare of not being able to turn on lights that I had been having since early childhood. After spending weeks of art-making with a therapist and on my own, I was able to flick on the light switch in my dream. All of a sudden there was illumination. I felt such deep relief. And to top it off, a do-wop group in matching suits was serenading me! After that, I was always able to control the lighting in my dreams, and outside of sleep, I gradually embraced my natural gifts and found a place of self-acceptance and self-love. And I kept making art.

Now I am a passionate advocate for everyone to embrace their innate creativity and experience the power it has to change us. I deeply believe that more creative expression, more art, and more self-discovery all lead to a kinder, more colorful, empathy-filled world. I use my education (MA in Counseling, MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities, current graduate student in Expressive Arts) and over 20 years of experience as a facilitator, creativity coach, mentor, and program director to craft experiences that are feel fun, nourishing, and deeply personalized. 

I love being outside in nature (my heart space is the desert southwest), coffee, weaving, and working with folks who think they can't make art (they can! You can!). 

A white dog lying down looks to her right wherea woman with glasses looks back at her.
Close up of a women smiling

VP of Cheerleading


Although she likes to stay in the background, Expressive Arts NYC would not run without the support of this team member. Extra treats all around. 

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