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Arts. Community. Discovery. Exploration.

Empowerment. Imagination. Growth. Creativity.

Creative Nest Women's Groups

Are you longing for a space where you can gather with other women to explore and grow? A safe place where you feel seen, heard, and supported to stretch yourself? Do you yearn for more creativity in your life? To see how playing with the arts might open up new parts of you? Are you feeling restless? Ready for the next phase of your life? For an adventure? 

Creative Nest small groups for women are a combination of art-making, writing, guided meditation, reflection, and conversation supporting exploration of yourself and the world around you, all in an environment of empathy, compassion, humor, and fun. 

Meeting once a week for three months, Creative Nest groups provide a sustained experience that allows for true connection and safety, all in the arms of a vibrant community. Each week we focus on a theme, using various artistic and creative tools to uncover and explore a little bit more of you. We make art, share our processes, and provide a compassionate presence as move through the work.

The arts are an integral part of this process, however, it's important to note that no art experience, confidence, talent, or success is necessary. In Creative Nest, art is a process that leads to discovery and transformation. There is no right or wrong or good or bad, there is only what shows up. Activities are simple and designed to stimulate your imagination. In your imagination lies your future. And, you don't even need to get new art supplies! Everything is provided. Each on-line participant will receive a box of art tools you can use during our time together and beyond, and New York participants will have all materials provided!

What do you get with Creative Nest?

  • 12 weekly Zoom or in-person (for those in the NYC area) 90 minute group sessions

  • A box of art supplies mailed directly to you for online groups (NYC folks will have art materials provided)

  • High quality art journal

  • A private on-line community for Creative Nest participants 

  • The power of women coming together through creativity and community

  • Greater self-understanding

  • Deeper connection to your creativity

  • Greater confidence

  • Increased clarity

  • More comfort with various forms of self-expression

  • Empowerment to move forward in your life

When is Creative Nest?

Creative Nest begins the week of March 11 and runs through the week of May 27. 12 weeks of creative goodness!


Exact times will be decided after groups are created. You get input on when we will meet!

How much does Creative Nest cost?

Expressive Arts NYC always offers a tiered pricing schedule including the sustaining rate, a generous rate, and a lower-cost rate. We ask you to choose a level that feels comfortable for your financial situation. If you are able to choose a higher rate, we encourage you to do so as it allows us to offer increased lower-cost options across our offerings. Payment plans are always available.

Generous Rate:      $930

Sustaining Rate:     $870

Low Cost Rate:       $810

These rates include:

  • 12 90-minute group sessions

  • All needed art supplies

  • High quality art journal

  • On-line, private community for Creative Nest participants

  • And all the benefits of working creatively with empowered women!

How do I register?


To register right now, just click this button and fill out the registration form and you will be all set!




To schedule a time to talk to me first, click this button. You will be redirected to my calendly page where you can choose a time for a Zoom call, get your questions answered, and learn more about Creative Nest!

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