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Creative expression is always at your fingertips with your Art Go-Bag!


Whenever you find yourself with some extra time in your day, put down your phone, pull out your Art Go-Bag and nourish yourself with creativity. Use it at your lunch hour,  on the subway, waiting to pick up your kids, on a delayed flight, or just when you need to get a break from your day. 


Filled with a variety of our favorite art tools, the Deluxe Art Go-Bag will arrive ready for you to start scribbling. They make great gifts for holidays, parties, retreats, and even the office!


Art Go-Bag

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 1 -  9x6 canvas zip bag

    3 - Gel Pens

    3 -  Thick Alcohol Ink Pens

    4 - Colored Pencils

    2 - Twin-Tip Thin markers

    2 - Twin-Tip Water-Based Markers

    2 - Thin Markers

    4 - Oil Pastels

    1 - Glue Stick

    1 - Blank Journal

    1 - Mini Canvas

    1 - Pack Artist Trading Cards

    8-10 Collaging Decorative Papers

    1 - Sculpey Clay

    1 - Micron Black Pen

    1 - Eraser 

    1 - Pencil Sharpener

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