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Expressive Arts Coaching





Do you want to explore your creativity? Work through life's complications? Learn more about what lies inside of you? Envision your future using all of your senses? Bring more joy into your life?

One-on-one expressive arts might be the perfect thing for you.

Working deeply and in a safe, non-judgmental, encouraging environment, we will explore you and your life through various art forms. Although this is not therapy (and we do refer out if the scope of your needs are beyond what we can support), there are tremendous therapeutic benefits to creative expression.

Expressive arts creates a frame that places your creative expression at the center of the work. Through imagination, playful experimentation, art-making, and reflection, we work together to illuminate solutions, movement, and pathways. This work isn't magic, but it sure is magical.

If you are curious and want to know more, please get in touch. We can discuss your situation, address your questions, and I can share the process in more detail.

Pricing for one-on-one work varies. I work on a spectrum of pricing, allowing you to choose the amount that reflects your current financial level of comfort. Prices can also vary depending on length of commitment we set up.

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