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Art-making for growth, healing, and joy


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What we do:

Oil pastel drawing with a prominent black keyhole-shape in the middle. Orange bursts from the image on three sides. Blue and white and gray in the background. Parts of words are visible around two of the corners.

At Expressive Arts NYC, art is the pathway to self-discovery, growth, and transformation. We believe that adults need more opportunities for open-ended creative expression that will help them be healthier, happier, more whole human beings. 

All of our offerings are for anyone 16 and up. That means you. No art experience, confidence, or skills are ever needed for any of our coaching, workshops, or events. Everything we offer is designed so that anyone can participate. 

We use all of the art forms (visual arts, writing, drama, movement, and music), interweaving them to help you go a bit deeper while reigniting your creativity. When you work with us, you enter a space that lets your imagination, intuition, and sense of play lead for a little while. The results include less stress, a deeper sense of calm, more joy, and  greater self-understanding.

Here are a few things we think it's important for you to know.


1. You do not need any art experience. This work is not about skill or outcome, it's about letting your imagination and intuition take the wheel for a while. No skills, experience, or confidence are needed. Ever.

2. There is no right, wrong, good, or bad in the expressive arts. We work in an environment of non-judgment and kindness, and we accept whatever image or movement or color arises. 

3. Art is for everyone. That means you!

Rest assured, art is something human beings have been doing for thousands of years for a reason. Art heals, it relaxes, it energizes, it lets us connect with ourselves and others, and it reminds us to play. Want to try it out for yourself? Click a button below to learn more!

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to read all about our work!

Collage of fabrics and tissue paper. The bottom layer is off white with navy polka dogs. On top is a bow-shaped, pink tissue paper piece. On the left is a silver fishnet fabric spanning from the bottom to just below the top. There is a small part of this same fabric on the bottom right. Hot pink fabric in the bottom right. Flowered, colorful fabric on the top.

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